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Our Primary Business

Our primary business is construction, but it is also engaged in real estate development, infrastructure construction, hotel investments, contractor, realtors. The construction department has remained predominant business for over 30 years. The Company has developed the capability to act as general contractor on the most sophisticated and technically complex construction projects.

We are one of the most prestigious contractors and is well known for adopting internationally advanced technology. We have solid track records in various civil and buildings work undertaken, including roads and highways, land reclamation, ports, water works, bridges, submerged tube tunnel, site formation, container terminals, power plants, apartment, government buildings and interior decoration.

Other Primary Area of Interests

How We Offer

Sustainable advantage for clients and business partners means innovative engineering solutions, time and cost-efficient construction, as well as on-going maintenance and optimization after handover.  Our micro divisions are supported by centralized corporate support functions including


We have a wide range of expertise including structural, civil, architectural and infrastructure engineering.

Our engineering team is dedicated to solving any engineering and technical issues encountered during a project.

Technical Services

The Technical Services Division leverages the expertise departments for technical and commercial competitive advantage through the prequalification, tendering, award, execution and completion stages of various projects. We are committed to the attainment of the best in quality work.

Information Technology

In addition to its ongoing research and development, Our Information Technology (IT) Division Lakes a strategic approach In the application of technology to the company’s operations, Its team develops high value applications n-house with many workable opportunities to the company.

Our Expert Team

The credit for our success completely goes to dedicated professionals associated with out company. The calm, gentle approach & attention to detail on each building project shown by them rendered exceptional results.

Joany Kling


Louvenia Mayert

Head - Architect

Sasha Gerlach

Head - Interior Design

If you want to give your home or office a first class impression, we have the perfect finishing touch.

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